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1.7.2 - 1.20.1

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What are Minecraft Pixelmon servers?

Minecraft Pixelmon servers are special servers where players can play in Pixelmon mode. In this mode, players can train and battle with Pokemon in the Minecraft world. These servers offer different difficulty levels and allow players to experience unique adventures and challenges related to Pokemon. Players can also trade with other players, obtain items, and develop their Pokemon. Minecraft Pixelmon servers offer a unique opportunity to combine the world of Pokemon with the world of Minecraft.

What is a Minecraft Pixelmon server list?

Minecraft Pixelmon server list is a collection of different servers where players can play in Pixelmon mode in Minecraft. This list may contain a range of information about available servers, including their names, IP addresses, gameplay type, and player count. Players can browse the Pixelmon server list to find a suitable server for themselves and join it to play with others online.

Best Minecraft Pixelmon servers

Best Minecraft Pixelmon servers are those that offer the best gameplay experience in Pixelmon mode. They are rated by players based on different criteria, such as difficulty level, availability of different Pokemon, community support, stability, and many others. These servers are especially recommended for those who want to try their hand at training, trading, and battling with Pokemon, and get even more enjoyment from gameplay.